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Are you Creative?

At times, able to embrace some kind of experience that feels “other than” ordinary life?
Or within ordinary life are you able to bring a special touch to your activities?

Are you A Creative?

Do you think, and feel, and move in a realm of living where what feels creative is at the heart
of everything you are and do?


Do you blush at the very idea of calling yourself creative, or cringe at the thought that you have something unique to offer? When the desire to be creative crosses your emotional threshold, do you give up and say, “I don’t even know what that means?”


Living the Creative Life

is not just for the artistic elite, or the gifted.

Living the Creative Life

is not only for those who work hard, strive long, and suffer much.

Living the Creative Life

is an opportunity.

Living the Creative Life

is your opportunity

for moving from surviving to thriving,

starting right now.

“Either write something worth reading or do something

worth writing.” — Benjamin Franklin

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