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Evaluation Consultation

Need help with an idea? A draft?  A manuscript?

A section of a book or a chapter?

Character development? Dialogue?


Or worse, are you experiencing writer’s block? Deadened ideas?

Waiting for your muse, or inspiration? Losing hope?


Or are you ready to take the plunge?

Becoming serious about being a dedicated, published writer?

Consultations Evaluations

Gwyn Erwin is just what the writing doctor ordered! 
Dr. Erwin is author of The Developmental Lens: A New Paradigm for Psychodynamic Diagnosis and Treatment, the Flow Writing Cards and Journals, children’s books, Inside Timothy and The Great Pig Circus, all available on She also has her own YouTube Channel, “Healing For Your Life with Dr. Gwyn Erwin.”  As well, Gwyn has been a professional editor, book doctor, and writing instructor for several decades, using her skills to bring over a dozen books of other authors into print along with helping them to realize many dozens of articles and papers and doctoral dissertations.

Send Dr. Erwin an email requesting a free 20-minute Clarity Call to discuss your writing projects and experience.


Together, you’ll discover invaluable and creative next steps. 

Grey Sofa

“I want to make a poem of my life.”

— Yukio Mishima

Conference Presentations


TeleWriting half-day, full-day or weekend Workshops on

any aspect of the Writing Process.

Conference Presentations

A dynamic presenter, Dr. Erwin offers keynote, panel,
or Workshop style conference presentations via
Zoom and WhatsApp.  

For further information, have the Conference Coordinator contact Dr. Gwyn Erwin at:

Be sure to schedule ahead!

“You will recognize your own path when you come upon it because you will suddenly have all the energy and imagination you will ever need.” — Sara Teasdale

Writing Groups

Dr. Erwin offers on-going professional Writing Groups for those who are ready for or already engaged in publishing their work.  A six-month commitment is required for these stimulating and effective groups.  Each group is limited to six people and meets remotely once a month for three hours.  Confidentiality for protection of each person’s work is a requirement. Email now for creating or joining a group: 


Visit Dr. Erwin's YouTube Channel

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