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Creativity Mentoring


Whether a writer, visual artist, a craft person, or anyone yearning to build a creative life, this menu offers both avenues and structure for establishing a creative life and living it fully, even when you are starting from scratch or the belief that you may not be creative at all.  We discover how to overcome built-in obstacles to creativity, such as work, time, and energy limitations, life requirements, our inner prohibitions, and in doing so, learn how to use our resources to shape a creative life worth living.


“If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform

one million realities.” — Maya Angelou

Home Desk


Dr. Erwin mentors and coaches Creatives in every area of Creativity, helping beginners and professionals alike bring their visions into form. 

Both individual and group mentoring is available

for prescribed time periods (minimum one month)

or for longer commitments. Fees are by the project

or by the hour. See Contact information for how to get in touch with Dr. Erwin.

“Either write something worth reading or do something

worth writing.” — Benjamin Franklin

Planning & Process

Creativity doesn’t “just happen,” by inspiration, Muse, or daring.  While the Creative Process does require recurrent leaps of faith, those leaps are grounded in using courage to test ideas, braving mistakes and learning from iterations, project planning (including time, energy,

and resource management), and organization that supports creativity along with fulfilling the necessities

and opportunities of daily life.  Discover the power

of planning and understand the processes

inherent to creativity to unlock your Creative

yearnings and potential!    

Planning & Process

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