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The Flow Write Cards: Seasons for Authorial Voice


The truest voice you have with which to author your experience is your Authorial Voice.  But many people struggle to find their Voice.  Others may have it available for themselves at times but slam up against inner prohibitions or comparisons or harsh judgments at others.


Find your Voice.  Never suffer from writer’s block again.  Flow into writing.  Flow into creativity.  Everyday over 365 days a year, follow the seasons.  Choose the card for the week you’re in and flow write from the prompt word without stopping, thirty minutes a day.  Flow writing means you will travel the trail your mind maps for you, taking dictation as you listen to your authorial voice.  If you find a surprising twist or turn in the trail, follow that new direction.  Don’t think it!  You don’t have to make anything happen.  Follow your mind’s beckoning. This butterfly net will catch your words. 

Flow Write Cards

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