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Gwyneth Kerr Erwin, Ph.D., Psy.D.

The Developmental Lens:
A New Paradigm for Psychodynamic Diagnosis and Treatment

The Developmental Lens: A New Paradigm for Psychodynamic Diagnosis and Treatment is the result of nearly thirty years of private practice, deep research, clinical supervision of candidate therapists in training, and teaching in psychoanalytic training institutes.  At its heart is a three-fold purpose: one, to
demonstrate the dynamic course of developmental processes from birth into
adulthood through my original Model of the Seven Keystones of Healthy
Development; two, to demonstrate the Seven Keystones of Wounded
Development—what compromises healthy development as the result of
environmental and relational failures and acute and cumulative unresolved
trauma; and three, how to work clinically in these seven pivotal keystones for
healing and for transformed development. Innovative theory-making and
clinical applications seen through vivid case illustrations serve as my
contribution to contemporary psychodynamic/psychoanalytic theory and practice. 

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A must-read for every therapist, teacher, student, and patient who is working and/or living with the debilitating effects of trauma in search of revitalized development.

—Alitta Kullman, PhD, author of “Hunger for Connection: Finding Meaning in Eating Disorders” 

About the Author

Dr. Gwyn Erwin, contemporary developmental psychoanalyst, dedicates her professional life to healing through psychodynamic and creative processes.  An expert in human development and working with trauma, Gwyn works with individuals, couples, families, children, and adolescents, serving as a therapeutic and creative partner in measurably improving patients’ quality of life.


Dr. Erwin is Past President of the Newport Center for Psychoanalytic Studies and its Training Division, the Newport Psychoanalytic Institute. As a faculty member at NPI, she has taught a variety of didactic courses and Case Conferences, including the Developmental Courses, which she designed, in addition to the clinical writing and dissertation classes. She has also served as an adjunct Faculty member at ICP and LAISPS in Los Angeles. 


Born in Chicago, Illinois, she earned her Master in Professional Writing from the University of Southern California (double major in non-fiction and fiction). As a professional writer, book doctor, and editor of twenty-five years, she conducts private professional writing groups and is a dissertation consultant at a number of graduate schools and psychoanalytic training institutes. An articulate and vibrant speaker, Gwyn Erwin is often a contributing presenter at both analytic and writing conferences. 


She is a Member of Division 39 of the American Psychological Association, the Newport Center for Psychoanalytic Studies, the Association for Autonomous Psychoanalytic Institutes, and the American Counseling Association.

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Finally, a book that brilliantly weaves together multiple theories of trauma to create an integrated and comprehensive, easy to understand narrative of the complex impacts of childhood trauma on development. 

—Martha Carr, Psy.D. LMFT   Author of “Wordless  Grief - The Body Remembers” “Grieving is Healing” “The Missing Peace: When You Can’t Say Goodbye” “One Loss Too Many” and “The Healing Power of Small Things”

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